Humble Yet Miraculous

March 13, 2016
If we persevere in humbleness to preach and teach the Word the miracle will happen. The disciples only had to deal out the two fishes and five loaves of bread.

Meddler or Messenger

February 28, 2016
Jesus appears to the disciples on the shore of Lake Galilee as a mysterious stranger. He tells Peter to get on with the task and not to worry about John.

From Shadows to Son Light

October 4, 2015
Human tradition and philosophies can blind us to God's gift in Christ. Religious festivals and customs and even revelations from angels may have the same effect. It is but a…
People are easily offended by the claim that Jesus made to be the only way to God. But correctly understood this should be something to be grateful for. It was…

Prophet without Love

September 6, 2015
Jonah overcomes his fear and delivers God's message. But he never realizes how much God cares about the people and animals in Nineveh.