The Peace of Christmas

December 9, 2018
The Christmas Season of goodwill is not the Peace of Christmas. For the latter to happen, our peace must first be thoroughly disturbed.

Let it be Me

December 2, 2018
Advent starts with a lowly girl from Galilee, who believed in God's power to do the impossible. We must follow Mary's example.
Political power, money power and culture, form a symbioses that makes it difficult to follow Jesus and obey God's Word. The Romans are still with us and so is Babylon.

The Unholy Trinity

November 4, 2018
Not able to destroy the church, Satan calls forth from the chaos of the nations the beast and the false prophet as his allies.

Called to Witness

October 21, 2018
The two witnesses represents the ongoing witness of the church. It is very powerful and results in a deadly conflict with the beast.