A New Identity

Aug. 7, 2022

Paul makes it clear that we have a new identity in Christ. This is the appropriate point of departure, not our many failures or sins. It is the work of God.

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Longing for the Feast to Begin
June 26, 2022

We are all invited to a feast. If we are too busy to go, we are now reminded what this feast is all about.

From a Revelation to a Rock
June 19, 2022

By ourselves we cannot see who Jesus is. Once it is revealed to us, we are a rock stronger than death.

The House on the Rock
June 12, 2022

If you listen to the false prophets, your house will fall when the storm comes. Obey the words of Jesus and stay on the rock.


Happiness is an Undivided Journey Towards God
March 20, 2022

For our hearts to be pure so we can see God, a certain order of things need to happen to us.

Happiness is Showing Mercy
March 13, 2022

Mercy is the highest form of righteousness. What is not built on mercy will be lost, now and forever.

Happiness is Longing for God's Righteousness
March 6, 2022

The nations are at war for what they all perceive to be their rights. This self-righteousness is not the righteousness of Jesus, saving us from sin and death.