The Making of History

Sept. 26, 2021

In a tough time, God called Abraham to make a difference. Abraham listened, believing God can do the impossible. It worked.

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Making a Name for Ourselves
Sept. 19, 2021

The first city builders wanted to make a name for themselves. It came to naught. Only God can create order out of chaos.

The Day the Rain Came
Sept. 12, 2021

All the Sumerian stories of the flood, make the Genesis account even more convincing. Noah listened to God. He built an ark and saved his family.

A Killer on the Run
Sept. 5, 2021

Their offerings were not received the same, so Cain killed his brother Abel. The world is not equal. We may not covet what belongs to another.


Let There be Light
Aug. 8, 2021

God made the light because we are his children. The story in scripture and science are two sides of the same coin.

Ready to Give an Answer
June 27, 2021

What should matter most, is our willingness and ability to defend the Gospel. We get sidetracked too easily.

Living with Simplicity
June 20, 2021

King Solomon saw that life’s achievements are often vanity. What matters is enjoying God’s gifts and obeying his commandments.