Through the Sea

Oct. 9, 2022

The Israelites had to trust God and go through the sea. It is like jumping without a parachute, trusting that God will catch you.

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Dressed to Go
Oct. 2, 2022

The Israelites were told to eat the passover meal in a hurry, dressed to go. In a similar vein there is an urgency to our faith.

The Pharaoh's Heart
Sept. 25, 2022

Our will is a gift to be used right. The Pharaoh's heart was strengthened (hazaq lev) to resist God. It invited the perfect storm.

Mission Impossible
Sept. 18, 2022

Moses is sent back to Egypt to do the impossible. God the great I Am who I Am, can do anything.


God as the Final Reality
Nov. 14, 2021

Isaac’s birth was a miracle. God is the final reality, making all things possible. That is why we persevere in the faith.

Caring Is Seeing What Is Coming
Nov. 7, 2021

The men of Sodom wanted to commit an atrocity against Lot’s guests. The city was destroyed 3,700 years ago, possibly by a meteor airburst.

Impossible for Us but Possible for God
Oct. 31, 2021

When hearing she will be with a child within a year, Sarah laughed by herself. But this was the angel of the Lord saying this, with whom all things are possible.