The Master Is Not Strict

Jan. 9, 2022

Faith in the abundance of God’s goodness motivates. The master is not strict. Unbelief has the effect we see with the servant who buried the silver.

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He Knew It
Jan. 2, 2022

No one knows us better than we ourselves. What was before him was very tough. That makes it even more convincing, what Jesus said about himself.

We Experienced It
Dec. 26, 2021

The nations are stirred up by great evil, but the true church is miraculously protected. This is the surest sign that Advent is for real.

God Did It
Dec. 24, 2021

God made an everlasting choice for our being truly human. That is the light that came into the world.


Wise Men Recognized It
Dec. 19, 2021

Zoroastrians from Persia were the first to be invited to God’s birthday party. These were people with open ears and eyes, thinking outside of the box.

Mary Believed It
Dec. 12, 2021

We don’t worship Mary. Maybe we can honor her more. We must certainly have a faith, like Mary’s faith and allow God to be God.

Angels Announced It
Dec. 5, 2021

Advent had to begin with a miraculous birth. God’s reign forever can only be explained in terms of the miraculous. That is what the angels announced.