When Faith Gets Sidetracked

Oct. 24, 2021

Abraham and Sarah hoped that Hagar would give them an heir. When this plan wreaked havoc, God saved the day by showing His love and care for Hagar.

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Our Doubts and God's Patience
Oct. 17, 2021

Abraham fell into unbelief and depression. God sent fire on an altar to restore his faith. There is no time or place, where everything must be hopeless.

Faith and Realism
Oct. 10, 2021

Abraham and Lot divided the land. Abraham allowed Lot to choose first. Realism and unselfishness can solve a lot of the world’s problems.

Scared in Egypt
Oct. 3, 2021

Abraham got to know God, going from Haran to the Negev. Then because of his fear in Egypt, he betrayed God’s mission to be a blessing to the world.


The Making of History
Sept. 26, 2021

In a tough time, God called Abraham to make a difference. Abraham listened, believing God can do the impossible. It worked.

Making a Name for Ourselves
Sept. 19, 2021

The first city builders wanted to make a name for themselves. It came to naught. Only God can create order out of chaos.

The Day the Rain Came
Sept. 12, 2021

All the Sumerian stories of the flood, make the Genesis account even more convincing. Noah listened to God. He built an ark and saved his family.