Launching our online ministry

April 5, 2020 by Jacques Nel

We have made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend church service. Our mission remains to use the tools God has given us to continue our work.

During this exceptionally difficult time, we pray for protection and wisdom for members of our community, the front line health workers, and world leaders who are fighting the COVID-19 crisis. As Christians, lets reflect again on God calling us to be responsible members of society, and remember those who are vulnerable and forgotten in our world. Many of you may feel isolated and anxious in this time. St. David's Presbyterian Church is here for you.

To protect our community, the Board and Session has decided to temporarily suspend Sunday morning services and all in-person ministry. We are continuing to monitor the situation, and will keep you informed of any changes.

In-person pastoral care will resume once the outbreak is over and per advice of local health officials. You can always reach Rev. Jacques by phone or by email at Furthermore, you can direct all other inquiries to Please feel free to contact us if you want to talk to someone.

New website

Despite the challenges we are all facing, this is an opportunity for us embrace the tools and talents that God has given us. Our new online ministry has the potential to better equip us to have a wider impact. We hope that you will find hope and continue growing in your faith with us.

In the digital age, our new website at can become a cornerstone of our ministry. Most of our ministry will continue on in this format, for the time being.

Sermon podcasts

Rev. Jacques is going to regularly upload sermons for you the listen to. Sermons are in podcast format. You can either play them directly, or download the mp3 files for later. Our director of music Linda, has kindly agreed to arrange and produce music to accompany the podcasts. A few sermons are already available. You can listen to sermons at the following link.


Rev. Jacques and other contributors will author regular blog posts. Come grow in depth with us, as we tackle difficult and thought provoking modern questions. There are already several articles for you to get started with, since you are stuck at home anyway. Here you will also be able to stay up to date with church news. You can find the blog at the following link.

Our roadmap

Several possibilities are being explored at the moment. We are considering:

  • Resuming Bible study using a video conferencing app such as Zoom
  • Using WhatsApp and social media to stay in touch with members and adherents during this time

Let us now what you think.


For your convenience, you can receive a regular digest to your email of sermons and blog posts. If you enjoy the content on this site, we encourage you to subscribe with your email, in order for us to better stay in touch.

May the love and light of Christ be with you in this time, and may His Kingdom advance through us.

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